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A little History of BuyYourTies.com

My great uncle together with his brother ( my grandfather ) started manufacturing neckties in South Africa way back in 1938. Naturally my father went into the business so it seems like I was destined for a life of Neckwear.

While my friends were at college becoming doctors, lawyers and accountants I had the privilege of working as a salesman for the largest neckwear company in America ( if not the world ). For me this was better than any college education. I was taught everything from how a quality necktie is made to how it is merchandised in a store and finally sold to the consumer.

I took this education and in 1997 started a small wholesale neckwear company in my garage and started manufacturing neckties in China. In 2000 a friend joined me and together we set out travelling to mens stores across America and showing at trade shows. We were relentless. We hardly ever came home and when we did we spent all our time unloading neckties and packing orders. We just figured that we would outwork everybody. The rest is history. After a couple of tedious trips to China and a huge learning curve we started gaining a significant amount of market share from other more established manufacturers.

We were successful and more importantly very profitable.

In March 2005 after spending the better part of 8 years travelling and reaching my goals I got bored and needed a new challenge. My friend took over the company and I set out to try my luck as an online retailer. One month later I started BuyYourTies.com

BuyYourTies.com has since established itself as one of the largest and most diverse suppliers of Neck Ties and Bow Ties on the web. Besides purchasing neckwear from other suppliers we are also a manufacture all of our own Fashion, X-Longs, Bow Ties and Solid Ties.

We have recently added Dress Shirts and the largest selection of Brand Name ties on the web to our ever growing line of products.

It is my belief that by continually providing superior product and service to the consumer we will grow from strength to strength.

You can feel confident that any item you order from BuyYourTies.com will be of the highest quality and at a great value.


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